Hey, hey! We are the edit busters! And we are here to provide you with twitter icons, backgrounds, headers, random edits such as gifs, photosets, blends, wallpapers, etc!
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the edit busters.~
Anonymous: hey can u post some of the psds u use? 

Nope, sorry!

Anonymous: do u make tutorials? 

Yes. We have made some in the past already, all based of requests. You can check them out here.

Anonymous: Shawn Michales Collage Facebook cover please? 






Please creeeeeeeeeeedit @WeAdoreCMPunk or @theeditbusters. (:

Anonymous: Could i please get a tyler breeze & Paige background 


Please credit @WeAdoreCMPunk or @theeditbusters on twiiiitttteeerr! :D

Anonymous: Candice Michelle icons please? 


Please credit @WeAdoreCMPunk or @theeditbusters on twitter! (:

Anonymous: Where do you find these amazing fonts? 

It depends. Sometimes I am looking, for example, for a comic styled one and simply google it. But most of the time I browse sites like dafont and just grab whatever I like. :)

~ Nicky

Anonymous: where do you get these kickass brushes from bb? 

Deviantart, mostly. That must be the biggest source of them all. And I get mine from some German graphic resource pages as well.

~ Nicky

Anonymous: how did you guys do the pink circle background behind AJ Lee in /post/59773889463/can-i-have-a-bg-of-john-cena-aj-dolph-and-natalya ? 

That’s a halftone-brush. At least that’s what it was called when I found it.

~ Nicky

Anonymous: Hey. I love you guys keep up the good work. :D I wanted to know hwo did you get the film reel or is it already in ps? 

Thank you so much. :)

The film reel was a stock photo I found a while ago on deviantart.

~ Nicky

Anonymous: Can i have a BG of John Cena, AJ, Dolph, and Natalya? Thanks x 


Hope you like it.
Please credit @Maehnenwoelfin or @TheEditBusters on twitter.

BG-Color: #7f97d3